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New York Apartment Law Insider is the only true authoritative resource for owners and managers of residential real estate, covering topics like rent stabilization, rent control, building maintenance requirements, and correction of code violations. For over twenty years New York Apartment Law Insider has also explained how to best deal with New York agencies real estate professionals regularly come in contact with, like the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, Department of Buildings, Department of Finance, and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development. Topics covered include:
  • Complaints and Violations
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  • Contractors
  • Crime and Security
  • Environmental and "Green" Issues
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New York Apartment Law Insider is also available in an online edition,, with exclusive features like:
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Plus, every issue of New York Apartment Law Insider comes with exclusive working tools to help implement new regulatory changes--everything from our annual rent calculation form to get-tough action letters and sample lease clauses drafted by top practitioners. New York Apartment Law Insider also includes features like Building Management Calendar, Q and A, Dos and Don'ts, and more.
Gain an advantage over your competitors, and let your tenant's know who is running the show. New York Apartment Law Insider is the key to increasing your profits, staying compliant with rules and regulations, and keeping control of residents. Available in both print and online editions, The Insider has you covered.
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A.G. Drops Charges Against NYC Owner
A New York City small property owner, who has been an Insider subscriber since 1994, told us about her recent court victory against a tenant. The tenant, who decided to leave her apartment four months before the lease expired, complained to the attorney general a month after she left that she was forced out, and the landlord had unlawfully kept her security deposit and interest. However, when the 20-year tenant announced her plans to leave, the owner had her sign a letter based on the Insider’s model tool, “Get Signature When Tenant Abandons or Volunteers to Leave Apartment.”
Because the letter stated the tenant had left the apartment by her own free will, surrendering all rights, title, and interest, the attorney general dropped the charges. “What a victory for me,” said the owner. “This model letter protected my rights as a property owner and saved me money on attorney’s fees.”
If you’re worried about protecting your rights as a landlord, isn’t it time you renewed your subscription to New York Apartment Law Insider? The money you can save just using the model letters will cover the price of your subscription.