Community Association Management Guide


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Whether you are a community association property manager, board member, or professional advisor, Community Association Management Guide is a convenient desk-top resource that will guide you through the typical and not-so-typical management issues you confront daily. Written by the editors of the monthly publication Community Association Management Insider, this all-in-one handy guide provides practical guidance culled from experts in the field. It gives you concrete suggestions on how to wisely manage association dollars, keep out of legal trouble, work effectively with board members, and maintain smooth day-to-day operations. Community Association Management Guide provides in-depth information on these critical topics:
  • Money and Cash Flow
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Meetings and Records
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Fair Housing and ADA
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Liability Issues
  • Crime and Security
  • Contracts and Contractors
  • Employees
  • Technology
  • Environmental and Green Issues
This easy-to-use reference includes examples, practical pointers, key court rulings, and more than 120 Model Tools. As a bonus, you get free online access to these tools, which you can adapt and put to immediate use, as well as other important information for successful management.
The Third Edition of the Community Association Management Guide has been updated to include information on the following topics:
Chapter 1, “Money and Cash Flow,” contains information about the federal Red Flags Rule as well as a Model Policy for monitoring identity theft, plus tips on how to collect rent from delinquent members’ tenants.
Chapter 2, “Rules and Regulations,” contains guidelines on using state and local ordinances to limit home-based marijuana operations in your community, and explains why you should use signs to encourage compliance with architectural review committee guidelines.
Chapter 3, “Meetings and Records,” explains how the association board can use the business judgment rule when facing a potential lawsuit from a disgruntled member, and provides tips on conducting community association surveys to make more informed decisions, along with a sample survey.
Chapter 7, “Liability Issues,” includes a Model Storage Room License Agreement that associations can adapt to protect their property and reduce liability, and explains how to differentiate between social club and association functions.
Chapter 8, “Crime and Security,” includes tips for encouraging civil behavior towards board members.
Chapter 9, “Contracts and Contractors,” explains how to safeguard your association's right to end service contracts, and how to effectively deal with construction defect claims.
Chapter 10, “Employees,” contains guidelines for setting up an employee referral program, and a Model Memo for introducing the program to your employees.
Chapter 12, “Environmental and Green Issues,” explains how a recycling program can reduce condo trash collection costs, and walks you through the final amendments to the EPA’s Lead-Based Paint RRP Rule.