Commercial Lease Law Insider - 12-Issue Subscription


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Commercial Lease Law Insider is the monthly newsletter devoted to the latest strategies in drafting and negotiating smart, owner-friendly leases using recent court rulings and real-world, expert experiences. 

Available in PDF digital format, Commercial Lease Law Insider reports on the latest court rulings that have an impact on the commercial leasing industry. It analyzes those court decisions and provides guidance on new ways to structure smart lease deals, negotiate owner-favorable terms, and identify loopholes.  Each issue is written in easy-to-understand, plain English and offers word-for-word clauses and other ready-to-use lease language designed to help owners negotiate the strongest, most beneficial lease possible. 

Some commercial leasing topics covered include strategies to:

  • Stop a tenant from paying rent late by using a tough late fee formula
  • Limit a tenant's right to audit your books and records
  • Accept partial payment but collect interest if a tenant wrongly disputes its rent
  • Raise rent to fair market value if a tenant sublets or assigns
  • Require your consent for an alternative telecommunications provider 

Online subscribers will also have access to a powerful archive of past issues, which includes articles that can help commercial property owners:

  • Sharply reduce the impact of a tenant's bankruptcy
  • Require a tenant to comply with energy efficiency measures
  • Terminate lease options if a tenant sublets
  • Make a tenant responsible for repairs and replacements

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