2013 New York City Apartment Management Checklist



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The New 2013 Edition of New York City Apartment Management Checklist is the definitive source of information on the myriad of complex laws that govern the management of New York City apartment buildings. It contains comprehensive explanations of all the pertinent rules, regulations, and requirements that owners and managers need to know to stay compliant and profitable.


The 2013 Edition of NYC Apartment Management Checklist has been completely updated to include discussion and references to the latest laws and forms. You can also access the forms contained in this edition, as well as bonus forms, in one place via a convenient online site. Highlights of what is new in this edition include the following:


  • How installations of backflow prevention devices now qualify for MCI rent increases from the DHCR.
  • How owners must now replace CO detectors in apartments after the manufacturer’s suggested useful life expires.
  • Additional façade inspection reporting requirements and forms.
  • Updated recycling rules on bedding, bicycles, and bike racks.
  • Increases to heat and hot water violation fines.
  • New DOB rules for a pilot program for elevators without machine rooms.
  • Recent case law that favors tenants who sue building owners for injuries caused by toxic mold.
  • The new water rate schedule for fiscal year 2013 and the discontinuation of the frontage billing program.
  • Recent court cases that highlight potential requirements to retrofit front entry doors or otherwise accommodate disabled tenants.
  • How Local Law 41 of 2012 updated NYC’s plumbing code to bring it up to date with the 2009 International Plumbing Code while maintaining differences to accommodate the unique nature of construction in NYC.
  • And more!


Besides explanations of the laws that affect your building, the Checklist contains:


  • A calendar of important dates for 2013
  • A telephone directory of city and state agencies­ that owners and managers have to deal with
  • Copies of the various forms you need to com­ply with the laws discussed in the book. The forms, which are listed in the Table of Forms immediately following the Table of Contents, appear at the end of the appropriate chapters for easy reference
  • And much, much